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5 Roadblocks of Digitalization in Countries like India (You Must Know)

From transferring money, ordering food online to trying out your favourite specks on a virtual reality platform, digitalization is everywhere. Undeniably, we are gradually becoming the slaves of the digital world. And why shouldn’t we? After all, we have so many benefits of digital transformation.

However, just like the two faces of a coin, even digitalization has double sides. Yes, you’re guessing it right. The other side is the drawbacks of digital evolution in developing countries like India. But before I start sharing its cons with you, let's dive in to check why it’s a gateway for enterprises.

Why Is Digitalization a Gateway for Enterprises?

Over a period of time, digital evolution can be seen as a game-changer for enterprises. Thanks to technological advancements for the possible evolution. What more? A plethora of business management activities you can handle effortlessly due to this digital transformation, including:

  • Smart application management (ATS system)

  • Marketing Management

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Hassle-free Invoicing

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Sales Processes

Now, you can imagine how digital transformation is a win-win thing for enterprises. Don’t you? The next thing you must know is the opportunities you’ll have in digital India.

Opportunities In Digital India

Back on July 1, 2015, the government of India launched the Digital India campaign. Its mission was to make an electronically improved online infrastructure by enhancing internet access to citizens. And since then, the government hasn’t looked back.

The campaign took a new turn amidst the pandemic when even the smallest business welcomed the digital changes. Contactless payments became a new normal for them. Well, it’s just one opportunity for a digital-savvy India. Specifically, here are the nine pillars of digital India you should learn about:

  • Broadband Highways

  • Access to mobile communications for all

  • Program for Public Access to the Internet

  • e-Governance Scheme for reforming Government through Technology

  • e-Kranti Scheme for Electronic Delivery of Services

  • Information for All

  • Electronics Manufacturing

  • Information Technology for Jobs

As we know the potential of digital India, how can we neglect the hurdles? Knowing the challenges & opportunities in Digital India is also essential. Isn’t it?

What Are The Challenges Of Digitalization In India, You Must Look For?

Here are the 5 roadblocks of digitalization in a developing nation like India you should definitely check:

1- Shortage of Infrastructure

It will take a significant amount of investment and infrastructure to connect every village with high-speed internet. Due to slow and late infrastructure and a lack of spectrum, it’s a hard nut to crack right now.

2-Digital Literacy: A major hurdle

A plethora of citizens in rural India still lack adequate knowledge about the Internet and its usage. The government has to work hard on it. It’s only possible through several awareness campaigns for motivating villagers to learn about the skills to use the Internet and its resources.

3-Obstacles By Administration

Despite a cornucopia of efforts the government took, red-tapism still exists in the country. As a result, companies are facing specific clearance issues. Therefore, it’s essential to remove regulatory barriers across all the states at affordable prices.

4-Threat of Cyber Crimes

Although the Indian legislature amended the Information Technology Act (2000), it still has to enact specific legislation on data protection. Currently, we just have the right to compensation for improper disclosure of personal details under sections 43A and 72A.

5-Issues of Net Neutrality

The Internet and its resources aren’t free to everyone. Who takes the credit? Yes, the issues of net neutrality. Reliance Jio was successfully combating this issue during its launch period. Sadly, it was just a part of a penetration marketing strategy which didn’t work longer.

Summing it up:

Indeed, Digitalization in India has a lot of benefits but it’s still challenging. I am sure after reading this blog post you can understand pretty well about them. We have to combat each of them to ensure a successful digital India. Are you ready for the move but don’t know how? Well, you need some expert guidance about it. Let’s connect!

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