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Goa,beyond those beaches!

As I always say," I love to travel" but this lockdown has stopped me from doing it but what about my mind waves that are always traveling in an ocean of thoughts? Reminiscing my goa trip, I thought to share my experiences with you all. It was the last week of September when I traveled to Goa with a company named, "Trip String" as a volunteer. Goa is not just about beaches, it is beyond that.

Meditation at the seashore

This is the most enjoyable thing which I did in Goa. I know it sounds weird but it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Close your eyes and feel the waves of the Arabian sea, their loudness which calms the noise within us. Contemplating at the shore, I always thought, “Why I can’t be like those waves and go anywhere, do whatever I want to, breaking all my inhibitions?” Shell craft at the Vagator beach

Beaches are a storehouse of shells and if you missed the shell craft then it’s a matter of concern. Smooching the oceanic splash, we often forget those little shops on the beeches which sell amazing handicrafts. I couldn’t ignore any of them and met Bablu who was selling embellishing shell crafts at the Vagator beach. He showed me all the handicrafts done by him and his friends.

Sunset at a cruise trip

While escorting the travelers on a cruise trip and when everyone was busy enjoying the dance performances, I saw one of the most beautiful scenes of my life. The sun was slowly taking the dip into the ocean and the sky was changing its color from blue to orange.

Old Goa and its religious mix

Being the land of churches and convents, Old Goa also belongs to the most famous Mangeshi Temple where lord Mangeshi, the incarnation of Shiva is the main deity. When Konkani is the regional language of the place then we can also find few people who are well versed with Portuguese. “Deu boro dis dium”, this is how we say “Hello” in Konkani, a local taught me.

Aguada fort, a memento of Portuguese

Built on the mouth of Mandovi, this fort was a precious fort for the Portuguese. The Portuguese people constructed this fort to guard against the Dutch and the Marathas. When you see the endless ocean from the top of the fort, then it gives the most mesmerizing feeling.

Goa is not just about boozing and partying or a win-lose game at the casinos, it is a feeling beyond that. Next time if you go to Goa then don’t forget to live these moments. Don’t waste all your time clicking pictures instead try feeling the charisma of that place.

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Aayush Singh
Aayush Singh
May 02, 2020

I don't usually read travel blogs, but this has been written beautifully! Good work Vanshika!


Sanchit Sharma
Sanchit Sharma
May 01, 2020

I have never tried meditation over the beach, so this would be on top of the list when I travel to the oceanside. Beautiful pictures!! ❤️

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