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When Corona was my favorite!

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

It was last year when I went to Dehradun and my cousins asked me, "Which one would you like to have?" I said, "CORONA". I never thought that this name is going to quarantine the world. Life is completely changed since few months. Social animals are caved and nature is all set free.

"Justice Served"

There is a famous proverb, "What you sow is what you reap".Don't you all think that this is the consequence of the natural destruction which we humans were creating? The earth is set free and laughing at us. She is the victim of our selfish pleasures cried silently for all these years and we being the culprits were all set free to do whatever we feel like to. Finally, justice is served and we all our caved within the walls of our homes. The time has come to think about what better we can do in the future!

Keep a check on your Carbon footprints

Time has come when each of us needs to keep a check on our carbon footprints. We need to control our daily activities after this Covid-19( Coronavirus) pandemic comes to an end. Many sites check our carbon footprints, they are and has come to think about all the big, small and creative changes which we can do to the society to reduce our carbon footprints. There should be a lockdown for a day every month after this pandemic is over.

Enjoy the escape and fall within

We have got a wonderful opportunity to contemplate and enhance our skills as much as we can. We should spend time with our family and know them more. Here is the space we got for creating our new planet and what all we need to do is to utilize it to the fullest. If you ask me how I am spending my time, then I would say I have resumed blogging and started with an online course at Udemy. I also watch movies on Telegram and Netflix when I need some entertainment to my life.

What if the Internet collapses?

Since all of us are using internet massively, there no less time when it is going to collapse. I am talking about the current lockdown situation when all of us have drowned into the Digital world. So, google today about what to do without the Internet and find ample of choices. Few I am suggesting you below :

  • Start reading some amazing books

  • Call some friends and ask them if they are fine

  • Be positive and plan what all you are going to do after this lockdown

  • Play some board games with family (scramble, Ludo, Business, Picnic, etc)

  • Paint some plant pots

  • Write a thankyou note to your loved ones and give it to them when the lockdown is over

  • Cook something that you know by heart

  • DIY something

  • Start a home recycling system

I know the situation is tough for all of us to stay back at home for 21 days and probably more but we need to adhere to it. This is the time we need to stand together and fight this pandemic. This disease has also given us the lesson that how destructive to the environment we had become. Due to the quarantine, the environmental pollution has decreased a lot. This can be seen in the satellite pictures of China and Italy. Follow the below link to know more :

PS: I forgot to tell you about which Corona I was talking about initially. I was talking about Corona Extra which is a beer and I used to like it!

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1 komentarz

Sanchit Sharma
Sanchit Sharma
01 maj 2020

Good thought!! Without the internet, our life would be difficult but covering the mentioned ideas will surely fulfil our boring time. Awesome 👍

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