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My lungs are fine but I can’t breathe

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I was sleeping and I suddenly woke up. I couldn’t get up from the bed and my throat was choking and an external force wasn’t allowing me to get up and seek for some help. What was this force? This was Coronavirus, the most trending one and all this was a nightmare. Every second of our life is frightening us about what is going to be next. Here I am going to share how to be positive in this hard time.

Avoid death news

There is a haul everywhere about hike of Covid-19 deaths. Why do we need to discuss this all the time? Can’t we be a little positive, thinking about what we can do to control the situation? We can motivate others to stay at home and watch some news which talks about the cured Covid-19 patients.

Meditation is a bliss!

A sutra in Patanjali yoga sutra says,

“Parma-anuparama-mahattvaanthosya vashikarah”

This means, "Yogi gains mastery over all objects of meditation from the finest to the largest." I know we can’t be a perfectionist when it comes to Yoga. But we can practice yoga and meditation to keep our mind calm. Many organizations are running their yoga and meditation programs.

  • The Art of Living

  • Isha Foundation

  • Yoga by Shilpa Shetty

  • Patanjali Foundation

Donate and earn

You donate some money and earn the blessings of those poor wage workers who are unemployed now. There is a huge economic crisis across the country and we all know who is suffering the most, the underprivileged population. Government along with few organizations have taken steps to distribute basic amenities to them and for this they seek contribution from the common people like us. We too can contribute through any of the below links:

Focus on optimistic ideologies

We are listening to many people today where few are with leftist thoughts while others are with rightist thoughts. The choice is yours whether you wish to listen to pessimists and dwell into the dilemma of being a failure or want to think about the opportunities after the pandemic ends.

Take it as an Opportunity

We all got a wonderful time to spend with our family, to enhance our skills and then use them to earn in the future. This is the best time to segregate among what we love(passion), what we are good at(profession), what we can be paid for(vocation) and what the world need(mission).

I know all of us are scared even if we sneeze today. Even I feel every moment what if I caught Covid-19. But, then I realized that all we need to do is not to get panic but to fight against the disease by being positive and staying at home.

PS: I watched “ Pursuit of Happiness” this week at least three times and what I learned was, “ No problem is big all we need to do is to face it and fight against it to win the battle with a grin on our face. I am completing the title now, “My lungs are fine but I can't breathe right now though I am going to breathe.”

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