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5 Reasons Why OTT Platforms Are The Future Of the Media Industry

Which entertainment admirer doesn’t want to enjoy movies and series at their comfort and pace? I think everyone does. And that’s where OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee 5, etc, are becoming the talk of the town.

Since 2020, there has been a growth of over 35% of subscriptions on OTT platforms and the number is still increasing. Thanks to our changing lifestyles post COVID-19 pandemic! Taking this conversation further, let us tell you the top 7 reasons why OTT platforms are the future of the media industry.

Provides Fresh Content

OTT platforms offer extremely new and freshly brewed content in various genres and languages. These platforms believe in bringing unique and risky concepts into the limelight while creating video content. Indeed these concepts are enough to entice you as an audience.

Offers Affordable Subscription Plans

Affordability is the most essential factor for entertainment lovers, especially those who belong to the economic sections of the world. OTT platforms charge nominal plans for subscriptions, allowing every person to binge-watch their favourite shows.

Gives Experience Of Interruption-free Shows

Advertisements in between your favourite movie or show are irritating. Aren't they? With paid OTT subscriptions, you don’t need to get tortured with time-consuming advertisements repeatedly. It means, a 30-minutes episode in OTT platforms is actually a 30-minutes program, and just not 10-minutes advertisements and 20-minutes content.

Brings Accessibility To Multiple Genres

Every individual has a different taste for movies and shows. So, you have. OTT applications bring accessibility to multiple genres that you can enjoy anywhere and anytime. You don’t need to sit with your mom and watch a comedy movie if you are in the mood to have a taste of an upcoming horror show.

Has Download And Watch Later Options

Unlike TV, OTT services don’t have any specific time slot for shows and series. As a viewer, you can create your own schedule for watching on such platforms. So, you can use the high-speed internet at your office during break time for downloading your favourite episodes and then watch them later at home.

Final Thoughts:

Indeed, OTT platforms will continue to boom in the future allowing you to enjoy your favourite series the way you want. Pick the genre, language, and subscription plan you are comfortable with, and you are all set for your entertaining moments.

Are you confused about the best OTT platforms to follow? Reach us today to help you out!

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